About SSM

Our goal is to provide you the best sharpening products on the market.  Who is enjoying SSM in the USA and Canada today- Hockey Families, Pro Shops, Colleges, Junior & High School Teams, Youth teams. The SSM-2 is high quality, very precise and easy to use.   Teams and families like the simplicity, reliability and cost savings.   We have never had a customer that wasn’t 100% satisfied.

History of  SSM of NA.   The lightweight portable skate sharpening machine (SSM-2) has its origin in the late 60’s and early 70’s, when it was constructed by Rune Gustavsson, then at Osmund Fabriks AB in Uppsala, Sweden. In the early 80’s Gustavsson and Kurt Jaderstrom left Osmund and formed their own company, SSM Produkt AB, for manufacturing and selling skate sharpening machines and riveting machines.
Today, well over 20,000 SSM Sharpening machines are currently being used worldwide to include Individuals, Families, Pro shops, Bandy, Sledge,  Figure Skating Clubs, Youth, Olympic and Professional Hockey Teams.
The North American SSM Distributor and Sales Representative, Scott Corwin, met Gustavsson and Jaderstrom back in 1982, while playing hockey in Uppsala which is north of Stockholm and where SSM machines are manufactured and SSM Headquarters is located.  During a brief period in the mid ’80’s when Scott returned from Sweden, to his hometown in New England, he promoted and sold SSM (Skate Sharpening Machines) in North America before he went on to a career as a pilot in the USMC.

That’s Scott at Montreal Expo in 1984 (far right) just starting out with interested Reps and friends from Canada at the time.


At the time I used to drive around New England and sell SSM-2 sharpeners to high schools, and colleges.


Scott Corwin at Montreal Expo in 1984. Scott, pictured far right with interested Reps from Canada at the time and to far right Mr Gagnon who was a great help to SSM at the time..


As fate would have it Scott reengaged with the SSM Manufacturer in Sweden (Rune Gustavsson’s son Hakan and his grandson Stefan) in 2008. Since then SSM in the USA and Canada is growing and we are proud to say that every customer throughout the USA and Canada is very happy with their SSM products.

The SSM of NA team looks forward to providing you these world class products and dedicated service .  The same quality that SSM has provided worldwide for the past 40-50 years.

SSM world wide. 

Manufacturing center in Uppsala, Sweden

Manufacturing center in Uppsala, Sweden

Our machines are currently being used world-wide by several national teams and a large number of professional and amateur teams as well as stores, ice rinks and portable ice rinks and families. Outside Sweden, SSM is normally represented by agents and resellers such as SSM of NA in the USA, Canada and Mexico.Here is list of where SSM Products are used and the countries where SSM is very popular.


 Note: In addition to the SSM-2 the SSM Riveter is also very popular and in use worldwide and has other popular uses in addition to fixing skates such as in the orthotics industry and for ski boots.