1How does it compare to other machines on the market?
All SSM customers love the SSM-2 because of its price, reliability, precision sharpening, ease of use and sizes. It is one of the most compact and light weight portables in the world. There is no match for the SSM-2, good enough for Elite Figure skaters, Pro and Olympic hockey teams especially at this price point. Very reasonably priced, very durable and it is the best value sharpener on the market in the world today.
2Is it easy to operate?
Very! The Swedes are known for their great engineering and they have lived up to their reputation with the SSM-2 and the other SSM products (N-11 Riveter, Blade Edge Checker, etc). Customers are impressed and tell us how quickly they become experts using the machine. With 3 simple steps to ensure a precision sharpening its ideal for the novice or professional Equipment Manager. Please take a couple minutes to view our Instructional Video's.
3How about costs?
At under 2k the price of the SSM-2 is very families with a couple skaters, and is ideal for teams and pro shops that don’t have a deep budget. The SSM-2 makes and saves money over a long period of time. Use our exclusive Cost Savings Calculator to determine savings with owning your own sharpener and payback period for your situation.
4Is there a warranty policy?
Yes, a 2 year manufactures warranty and SSM of North America is a full service provider for USA, Canada and Mexico. View the Warranty Here. Most other sharpeners offer 1 year warranty. SSM products have an impeccable record in terms of reliability. The SSM-2 typically last 20-25 years or more. There are many customers still using their SSM-2 manufactured in the early 1970's.
5Is there recurring maintenance?
No. Wheels need to be changed about every 300 sharpening’s, and Diamond Dressers about every 5 grinding wheels. Just keep it clean and replace grinding wheels when they become too small for use and simply swap out the diamond dresser when it wears out. Replacing worn out grinding wheels and the diamond dresser is simple. Grinding wheels are good for about 300-350 sharpenings depending on skate conditions and operator techniques. The diamond after about 5 grinding wheels
6How about shipping?
SSM uses Fedex and USPS and to ship SSM-2 with some accessories (50 lbs) is approximately $35-$60 anywhere in the USA and takes about 3-4 days. 
To Canada shipping is about the same or depending where in Canada may be slightly more and about 2-3 days longer. SSM typically ships Fedex and customers will be called when package arrives at Canadian customs where duty, border tax is collected and package is then shipped to final destination. Example to Canada, recent shipping and Duty taxes, duty for shipment to BC was a total of about $85 USD. Exact details on shipping to your location will be provided. SSM works to ship at the lowest available prices. Replacement Grinding Wheels and accessories are easily processed and shipped the next day usually via US Postal Service.
7Does SSM offer custom radius (or Profiling)?
Yes. There is a SSM product specifically for profiling called the Profiler.

Also, a very cost effective profiling solution exists with the SSM-2. A special SSM-6 holder attachment for the SSM-2 is available. See catalogue SSM-2/ SM-6. Link to the SSM-2 with Profiler
8Will the SSM-2 sharpen figure skates, small hockey and goalie skates?
Yes, It is fine with all types of figure skates or hockey skates. Even does tour, bandy, speed skates as well as sledge. Some very small skates require that you use the H-10 holder. Specialty holders exist for certain Figure Skates.

9Can the SSM-2 provide a flat Bottom V edge?
SSM with its engineering research does not believe this adds an advantage to a skater over the traditional rounded hollow. Given the fact that a skater angle to the ice changes continuously a rounded hollow provides uniform contact and better performance.
10Can the SSM-2 be used as a stationary/ permenant sharpener?
Absolutely! Many pro shops, teams use the SSM-2 doing continuous sharpening’s . It is recommended by manufacturer to turn machine off periodically between sharpening’s to reduce heating to the motor. It is durable enough to with stand heavy use.
11Are there any servicing concerns with SSM manufactured in Sweden?
No. SSM of North America is a full service provider for USA, Canada and Mexico. SSM of NA has complete stock of accessories, parts and products.