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  • Eyelets – EL

    Eyelets for the lace-holes on skates. Available in black color. Bag of 100.

  • Figure Skating Hooks – FH

    Figure skating hooks for the upper lace holes on figure skates . Available in white or black color. Bag of 100.

  • Copper Rivets – KN

    Copper Rivets + washers for attaching blades on skates. Solid.

  • Rivets – SN

    Bag of 100. Tube rivets for attaching blades on skates. Available in lengths 8,10, 12, 14, 16, 18,20,22 and 24 mm . (0.32,0.40,0.48,0.55,0.63,0 . 71,0 . 79,0.87 and 0.95 inch.) Head is 1/4 inch diameter, Tube diameter 1/8 inch

  • Tool Holder #30 for NM 11

    This hook together with tool set N-21 can be used on the belt buckles of ski boots for processing tube rivets . It can also be used together with tool 28 and tool 29 for larger rivets Uoint rivets with a size up to 025 mm) located on the sides of ski boots.

  • N-41

    N-41 is used for stretching a boot or a skate shoe so that it will better fit the foot.

  • N-RE

    N-RE is used for removing eyelets from skates.

  • NE

    N-E is also included when buying a NM-11/21. It is used for mounting eyelets into lace-holes .

  • N-21

    N-21 is included when buying a NM-11/21 . It is used when changing skate blades to remove tube rivets , to attach copper rivets and tube rivets . Copper rivets are removed by cutting them apart with cutting pliers