Skate Sharpening Accessories

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  • BB-SSM Whetstone


    Whetstone silicon carbide

  • New Skate Blade Controller (SBC) Blade Hollow and Thickness


    For checking the Blade Thickness and hollowness underneath a skate blade we recommend using the SBC.


  • Whetstone (CB-SSM)


    Whetstone (Aluminum Oxide)

    Different grit sizes

  • S-4/KB60


    This grinding wheel is for all types of skate blades. S-4/KB60 is to be used on a SSM PROFIL.

  • S-2/KB60


    This grinding wheel is for all types of skate blades. S2/KB60 is to be used on a SSM-2. Dark Blue

  • S-2/ME60


    This is our most efficiant grinding wheel that works fantastic on all types of skate blades . Recommended for shops. S-2/ME60 is to be used on a SSM-2 .

  • S-2/HP70


    This new high performance wheel works excellently on all types of skate blades. S-2/HP70 is to be used on a SSM-2.

  • H-8 Holder

  • Transport Case (V2)


    The V-2 is a transport case for the skate sharpener SSM-2.
    Its robust design makes it very durable to thrusts and other abuse.
    There is a tool holder inside.
    The V-2 now has new handles which makes it much more
    comfortable to carry.

  • Blade Edge Checker


    This tool allows fast checking if you have even edges underneath the skate blade. You attach both parts as pictured. If the outer edges are even, then the part that is lying on the skate blade edges will be parallel to the line on the other part. Otherwise the edges are uneven.

    Now built with a hardened layer to improve strength and durability!

  • Blade Straightener – SKR


    This tool is for temporarily bending back a skate blade that has been hit and deformed during a game. Insert the bent part between the ball bearings and press down the upper bearing to get the blade straight. Adjustable rollers and can be mounted to work bench.

  • H-10 Holder


    The latest version of our universal holder

    • Low weight
    • Small with strong grip
    • Can grip all skates on the market today (there might be some exceptions)
    • The universal skate holder H-10 is nowadays the most common holder.
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