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February 8, 2015
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A skaters blade profiling is very important for many reasons.

Some benefits of Profiling:
* Improved balance, * Sharper turns, * Quicker turns, * Faster starts, * Reduced fatigue, *Increased power, * Injury reduction, * Increased agility, * Increased lateral movement, *Increased speed,* Increased stability, * Controlled leg extensions, * Improved stickhandling

This skate contouring machine uses a vertical grinding wheel with the purpose of shaping the skate blade after a template, giving the skate different radiuses or glide surfaces.



SSM PROFIL is a skate sharpening machine specialized in making blade profiles. The big difference compared to other machines is that it is using the grinding wheel in a vertical position. By doing so you will get a lot of benefits when contouring. But what is most important is that it will let you profile skates much faster and more accurately. This machine uses contour templates when making shapes; four templates are included with the SSM PROFIL. You will need a SSM-2 or a SSM TT-3 afterwards to do the finishing sharpening (flat or hollow) on the skates. SSM PROFIL is available in a CE-approved 220-240 V version and an ETL-approved 110-120 V version.

Edge the competition

EFFECTIVE AND COOL GRINDING – By using a vertical grinding wheel you will get a very small contact surface between the skate blade and the grinding wheel. This leads to faster removal of material and gives a cooler grind. You will be able to profile a skate in 1-5 minutes.

SUPER ACCURACY – The vertical grinding wheel will guarantee a more exact transfer of the contour from the template compared to using a horizontal grinding wheel. Not having sufficient work-pressure leads to bumps and undesireable shape on the skate blade.

ELMINATE ERRORS – This machine has a fine-adjusting device that will help you align the skate blade perfectly after the template.

NEW PITCH/PIVOT SYSTEM – In 2016 we designed an easy system to shift the contour template to alter the pivot/pitch of profiles very accurately.

COPY YOUR SKATE BLADE – From 2016 it is also possible to fully copy a skate blade shape directly onto another skate blade by using the old skate blade as a template! (Assuming an optimal shape has been found.)

This manual skate profiling machine is a cross-grinding machine (with a vertical grinding wheel) with the purpose of shaping the skate blade following a desired template. It was created using the best parts from our earlier machines SSM-900 UNIVERSAL and SSM-900 Automatic.
SSM will provide training to ensure the principals of profiling and the execution with the SSM machine is well uunderstood.

The main advantages with the SSM PROFIL and the vertical grinding wheel are:

  •  Speedy removal of material from the skate blade.
  • Very high profiling accuracy
  • The temperature of the skate blade during grinding remains low.
  • The fine-adjusting device makes it possible to remove no more skate blade material than necessary.
  • Full work pressure against the grinding wheel from the moment of contact with the skate blade.

You will need a SSM-2 afterwards to do the finishing sharpening (flat or hollow) on the skates.

SSM PROFIL is available in aCE-approved 220-240 V version and an ETL-approved 110-120 V version.

Additional information

Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 20 x 31 in


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