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  • Table-Top Skate Sharpener: SSM TT-3 Call for Updated Pricing, Deals

    Thanks to the new design of the machine it will now manage all skates on the market (except Paramount SK8S and touring skates).

    This machine has a newly developed system for centering the sharpening underneath the
    skate blade very accurately. We got the idea when we designed the SRK PRO for SSM-2.
    You just have to measure the skate blade width and turn a scale to that measurement
    to get centering. This device has an incredible precision!

    The design with two tables moving on top of shafts (using bearings) gives a simply amazing
    feeling. No friction to talk about whatsoever!

  • CB-SSM Whetstone


    Ceramic whetstone made of aluminum oxide. It has two different grit sizes, one finer and one rougher on either side.

  • BB-SSM Whetstone


    Whetstone silicon carbide

  • Custom Product Order

    For all custom orders, please enter your total below provided by your sales Representative.

  • Figure Skating Hooks – FH


    Figure skating hooks for the upper lace holes on figure skates . Available in white or black color.

    Bag of 100.

  • Eyelets – EL


    Eyelets for the lace-holes on skates. Available in black color.

    Bag of 100.

  • Copper Rivets – KN


    Copper Rivets + washers for attaching blades on skates. Solid.

  • Rivets – SN


    Bag of 100.

    Tube rivets for attaching blades on skates. Available in lengths 8,10, 12, 14, 16, 18,20,22 and 24 mm . (0.32,0.40,0.48,0.55,0.63,0 . 71,0 . 79,0.87 and 0.95 inch.) Head is 1/4 inch diameter, Tube diameter 1/8 inch

  • Tool Holder #30 for NM 11


    This hook together with tool set N-21 can be used on the belt buckles of ski boots for processing tube rivets . It can also be used together with tool 28 and tool 29 for larger rivets Uoint rivets with a size up to 025 mm) located on the sides of ski boots.

  • N-41


    N-41 is used for stretching a boot or a skate shoe so that it will better fit the foot.

  • N-RE


    N-RE is used for removing eyelets from skates.

  • NE


    N-E is also included when buying a NM-11/21. It is used for mounting eyelets into lace-holes .

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