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  • N-21


    N-21 is included when buying a NM-11/21 . It is used when changing skate blades to remove tube rivets , to attach copper rivets and tube rivets . Copper rivets are removed by cutting them apart with cutting pliers

  • Radius Measurement Tool (Replaced by new Skate Blade Controller (SBC)

    For checking the hollowness underneath a skate blade we recommend using a radius gauge measurement tool .

  • Whetstone (CB-SSM)


    Whetstone (Aluminum Oxide)

    Different grit sizes

  • S-4/KB60


    This grinding wheel is for all types of skate blades. S-4/KB60 is to be used on a SSM PROFIL.

  • S-2/KB60


    This grinding wheel is for all types of skate blades. S2/KB60 is to be used on a SSM-2. Dark Blue

  • S-2/ME60


    This is our most efficiant grinding wheel that works fantastic on all types of skate blades . Recommended for shops. S-2/ME60 is to be used on a SSM-2 .

  • S-2/HP70


    This new high performance wheel works excellently on all types of skate blades. S-2/HP70 is to be used on a SSM-2.

  • H-8 Holder

  • SSM-2 “Standard Package”


    H-10 Holder
    V-2 Carrying Case
    SSM-2 is one of the most popular skate sharpening machines in the world. The sales record speaks for itself, an astonishing 20000 pcs. sold so far throughout the world. This portable high quality skate sharpener is intended to do the finishing sharpening (flat or hollow) on skates. The main advantage with SSM-2 is that it is very fast and easy to use while delivering great precision. The SSM-2 is available in a CE-approved 220-240 V version and an ETL-approved 110-120 V version.
    There are several skate holders to choose
    from, to make it possible to sharpen any kind of skate. See Catalogue.
    SSM-2 has a strong and compact design but is still relatively light weight; this makes it ideal
    for transportation. For such use we have the V-2 transport case available.
    Length: 35 cm
    Width: 25 cm
    Height: 32 cm
    Weight: 14.8 kg (31 lbs).

  • SSM Profil


    A skaters blade profiling is very important for many reasons.

    Some benefits of Profiling:
    * Improved balance, * Sharper turns, * Quicker turns, * Faster starts, * Reduced fatigue, *Increased power, * Injury reduction, * Increased agility, * Increased lateral movement, *Increased speed,* Increased stability, * Controlled leg extensions, * Improved stickhandling

    This skate contouring machine uses a vertical grinding wheel with the purpose of shaping the skate blade after a template, giving the skate different radiuses or glide surfaces.

  • Riveting Machine NM-11/ Tool sets for Skates


    With NM-11 and different tool sets you can attach tube rivets, copper rivets, eyelets and figure skating hooks, remove tube rivets and eyelets and stretch skate boots. You can also repair ski boots and the NM-11 is also now being used in support of prosthetics.
    Prices vary slightly with different hooks (skates, Ski boots, Prosthetics) Contact SSM of NA Rep for details.

    • Riveting Machine NM-11
    • Standard Tool Set N-21
    • Standard Tool Set N-E


  • Transport Case (V2)


    The V-2 is a transport case for the skate sharpener SSM-2.
    Its robust design makes it very durable to thrusts and other abuse.
    There is a tool holder inside.
    The V-2 now has new handles which makes it much more
    comfortable to carry.

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