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SSM-2 and SSM-2 Pro

The sales record speaks for itself: an astonishing 20000 pcs. has been sold so far…

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SSM Skate Sharpener Program_for Youth and High School Teams

Youth & Highschool Teams sample sharpening program

EASE of use- team players or manager will sharpen skates.
Long Term Investment for program. Financing option with SSM.
Revenue generation for program- keeps sharpening revenue in the program.
Added convenience for Team members, available 100% of the time, away games etc.
Savings for each player/family.
Enhanced skaters performance, safety.
Reliability of SSM-2 (lasts 20+ years on average with constant use).
Minimal maintenance costs – new grinding wheels (1new per year average- 1 wheel 350 sharpening), 1 Diamond Dresser every 2 yrs.
2 Year Warranty

SSM Flyer – for Families:
SSM Skate sharpener -Flyer 2015_family1